I'm Rachel, a UX / UI designer & researcher and a recent graduate from NC State University.  


7 true facts about me:

  1. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  2. I love spontaneous dance parties.

  3. My favorite shape is the trapezoid.

  4. I spent every summer of my childhood living in a rustic (as in no-running-water-except-what-we-could-pump-from the-river rustic) cabin in the middle-of-nowhere Canada.  (And these were some of the best times of my life)

  5. I love crafting playlists for every mood.  Ever wondered what octopi would listen to at a party?  I’ve got a playlist for that.

  6. I'm a big biology nerd and plant lover 🌲 🌵 🌱  - nature is my biggest inspiration and I dream of a world where biomimicry is an integral part of every designer's toolkit.

  7. I am always down to get coffee.

my design story​

Perhaps you’d understand me better if I told you a little bit about how
I got here.


My designer-like tendencies started at a very young age.  Long before I knew the meaning of information architecture, I was obsessed with organizing, categorizing, and making sense of information.  I spent many a vacation day sorting and re-sorting rocks I’d found.  At any big family event, I’d survey everyone’s favorite colors or favorite shapes and create graphs and drawings based on my findings. 


I also had a creative spark.  I found myself creating constantly, always with a problem-solving motivation.  One of my favorite high school art class projects was an infographic I created after reading and analyzing scientific journal articles on a vision disorder that affects my family.  Later, I took an interdisciplinary human-centered design class in which we utilized design thinking methods to solve problems for local businesses.


And that's when I discovered my passion: design.


A practice that encouraged my nerdy obsession with information AND creativity?  It seemed too good to be true. I set my sights on becoming a designer and did everything I could to get there.  When I finally got to design school, it was love at first task flow.


Now, I'm living the dream studying Graphic Design at North Carolina State University and working as a UX/UI Design contractor for Module.  


At NC State, I’ve collaborated with several multidisciplinary teams to design solutions for a variety of companies and organizations, from SAS, IBM, Marbles Kids Museum, and NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN.  I've also worked as a UX/UI intern for two awesome companies: Module and BCG Platinion.   


No matter what I'm designing, human-centered design philosophy and methodology guides my process.  I love learning and experimenting with new design methods, processes, and perspectives.  Hardly a day goes by when I haven't read an article, listened to a podcast, watched a video, or read a book chapter about something design-related.   I'm also deeply passionate about teaching and facilitating design.  Over the last several years, I've participated in and facilitated workshops under a variety of design thinking frameworks and practices, including LUMA Institute's Human-Centered Design methodology, Google's Design Sprint framework, and IBM's Enterprise Design Thinking.  I'm a certified Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner.  I constantly draw from these experiences to sculpt my design practice.  


My favorite thing about design is its interdisciplinary nature; I love to combine my passion for design and research with my interests in science, technology, sustainability etc.  Right now, I'm looking for opportunities to leverage my passion for UX, research, and UI design to make the world a little better- whatever form that may take. 



let's chat about design :)



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